Looking at meat quality and diversification on the farm, we knew we wanted to add purebred hogs to our farm operation.  We had tried a few breeds, but after feeding a set of Berkshires and putting them in the freezer, we knew the meat quality of the Berks is not just hype!  There truly is a difference in Berkshire pork.  Much like the Angus, this made the decision to be Berk breeders an easy one.  Unlike many operations today, we do not rely totally on AI, but rather we keep some herd boars onsite that we expect to be reproductively aggressive in a natural setting.  Our foundation hogs were purchased from Brice Conover and we have kept back our own gilts as we grow our herd.  Show pigs, feeder pigs, fat hogs and pedigreed gilts are available throughout the year. 

Gilts for Sale!


This is our main herd sire.  He is a stress-negative Shoot to Thrill son. 

Our sow base is made up of Gunslinger daughters and granddaughters pictured above.