Suffolk sheep sparked Chad’s interest in livestock from an early age, since it was his 4H project in the 70’s and 80’s where he had a registered flock numbering 150 head of sheep.  After college, he started a club lamb operation, whose sole purpose was winning shows and working with 4Hers.  During this time, we had experience with several other breeds of sheep, but always found ourselves gravitating back towards a more Suffolk ewe base.  The set of ewes we currently have have been culled extensively based on mothering ability, balance and muscle.  We are going to take advantage of the Suffolk breed association’s breed up program to develop a herd of full-blood and percentage Suffolk sheep.  We have discovered we value pedigreed livestock and desire to do more than just have show ring winners.  We know the frustration of spending money on good looking livestock that doesn’t perform in the real world of livestock production. 

Kimm 14004 Ram
This is our first step in developing a Suffolk flock.  He is a Platinum son out of a Howard 6070 bred ewe.  He is a little larger framed than the club lamb bucks we’ve been working with and was purchased to add size and mass to our ewe flock.  The first babies out of him look awesome!
Ewe Flock: