Our farm is located in Edgerton, Kansas and is near to both of our childhood-homes.  The farm used to be the home of a solid-stone barn, believed to be built by the US Army in the late 1800’s, prior to 1885.  It apparently was a stopping point along the trail that led from Olathe, KS to Lawrence, KS.  There are local stories about wagon trains circling at the barn for overnight stops.  Some believe the barn was the dividing point of the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails.  The barn was taken apart and rebuilt on another site prior to our moving to the farm.  However, we both have memories of the barn and Chad has memories of playing with the registered Duroc pigs that lived in the barn when he was a child, since he grew up less than half a mile from our current home. 

After moving here, we learned that the early owners of the land were relatives of Krista’s.  The farm has been a work in progress, as it had fallen into some disrepair over the years.  We added a new barn, chicken houses and a small orchard for our own enjoyment.  Our garden area is the site of the former family home and each year when we till it, we unearth a variety of interesting objects such as window weights, pieces of old plates and even an occasional tool.  We continue to pull stones from the garden, which were part of the foundation of the original home.  There is also a rumor amongst the “old-timers” that a treasure of gold coins is hidden somewhere on our farm, remnants of a stash that the army hid before an attack on the old barn.  We have yet to find it, but will certainly let you know if we do!

While Chad grew up just north of our current home, Krista’s grandparents and parents operated farms just outside Gardner – only a 5 minute drive from here.  While primarily crop farmers, there were usually cattle as part of the operation.  Her grandfather, Eldon, had an Angus herd that was his pride and joy.  They also had a dairy for many years and a Yorkshire hog operation.  This picture shows Eldon and his cattle.   Even Grandma Audrey said, “There is nothing prettier than an Angus!”  We would tend to agree and so glad to include these beautiful animals as part of Wilson Livestock.  Our son likes to point out regularly that, “We are in the cattle business.”